Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Birth Contol Pill Recalled by Manufacturer

A major pharmaceutical company, Qualitest Pharmaceuticals, has just issued a recall of multiple lots of oral contraceptives. The recall is the result of a major packaging error. The tablets within the birth control package are out of order so that women will not be effectively protected against contraception. Specifically, the “sugar pills” included in the packet during the week that a woman is to have her cycle may be dispensed during the week that a woman may ovulate and become pregnant. This results in a high risk of becoming pregnant and may be the equivalent of not using birth control at all.

The following products are subject to the recall:
• Cyclafem™ 7/7/7
• Cyclafem™ 1/35
• Emoquette™
• Gildess® FE 1.5/30
• Gildess® FE 1/20
• Orsythia™
• Previfem ®
• Tri-Previfem®
Anyone taking these birth control products should begin using another form of contraception immediately and contact their health care provider or pharmacist. Pharmacies have been directed to contact consumers who may have received affected product but this may take some time to do.
The affected lot numbers can be found at the Qualitest Pharmaceuticals web site.

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