Monday, November 14, 2011

Are Bad Boy Buggies Living Up To Their "Bad" Name?

The manufacturer of Bad Boy Buggies, an off-road utility vehicle, has recently recalled 3,200 Bad Boy Buggies due to a defective steering arm assembly. Essentially, the recall was issued because the vehicles contain a defective steering arm assembly which could break during normal operation and leave the vehicle uncontrollable and result in crashes with injuries.

According to the manufacturer, there have been 15 reported incidents of the steering arm breaking in these vehicles causing the driver to lose control. The following Bad Boy Buggy Models (pictured below) are involved in the recall: (1) Bad Boy LT; (2) Classic; (3) XT; (4) XTO, and (5) XT Safari. 
These models were manufactured at BB Buggies in Augusta, Georgia and Bad Boy Enterprises, LLC in Natchez, Mississippi and were sold nationwide.

This recall follows on the heels of an earlier recall of 9,300 Bad Boy Classic Buggies which contained defective accelerator petals that caused sudden and unintended acceleration. That recall involved Bad Boy Classic Buggies which were manufactured by Bad Boy Enterprises, LLC between 2003 and May 2010.

Owners of these vehicles should stop using them immediately and contact Bad Boy Buggies at (855) -738 3711 or visit its website at

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