Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Georgia Hospitals Ranked

Ever wondered how your community ranks for its health care in terms of patient satisfaction? Within the state of Georgia, the Rome area (Northwest Georgia) ranks the highest in the state. Rome area hospitals ranked 12th nationally among 295 regional hospital markets across the United States for patient satisfaction. Not bad for Romans!

The study was published by Kaiser Health News and several other communities in Georgia made into the top 295 rankings for the United States:
91. Columbus
145. Augusta
167. Atlanta
176. Macon
188. Savannah
243. Albany

But does this study really mean anything? Well, according to Kasier Health News, Medicare will begin taking patient satisfaction scores into account when determining what a hospital’s reimbursement amounts will be. The hospitals with the best patient scores will be paid (or reimbursed) more on Medicare bills.

According to the Georgia Hospital Association, this isn’t new to Atlanta area hospitals. They have been using patient-satisfaction scores to compete with each other for years. But connecting the scores to federal payments will be a whole new ball game.
All in all, this new system should provide incentives for hospitals to do more to improve patient services. This may result in improvements to quality of employees, amenities, communication between doctors and nurses and their patients, pain management, cleanliness of the facilities, quietness and night, and discharge instructions and planning.

Congratulations to the Rome area physicians and hospitals on a job well done!

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